Friday, October 31, 2008

The Cave

The long heard and seen 'The Cave' in we go..~
The environment is amazing, they decorate it with some cement plastic and make the whole place like a cave. Firstly, would like to apologize because i left my camera in my car, But would love to get a picture of the place. The alternative? My handphone with a built in of only 2MP camera. haha..You cant complain because it is only 2MP and it was on night mode. They served both Chinese and Western food. We picked the western food and the quality of the food is not as bad as it is described in some blogs. However, if im not mistaken, they had Chinese food instead of western food. Therefore, you should consider what kinda food u might want to order when u are there.

One incident that i dont quite happy about is the miscommunication that happened. We asked the waitress there if the soft drinks mentioned in the menu is bottomless. She said "yes, bottomless". Then we asked, "issit not only available during lunch hour? We can order it now and it is still applicable?" she assured us that it is still applicable . So we ordered one. When i asked for a refill, the local waiter came and took my cup away. After some time, my cup of refilled soft drink is still not served. So asked the same waiter, he said the soft drink that we ordered is not bottomless. He apologized for the mistake. Didnt want to make a big fuss over the soft drink, we just kept quiet. Actually i would love to makea complain but due to it is mr.K's KL gathering dinner, shouldnt leave any bad experience and memories, i decided to keep quiet. SIgh~

Mr. K....u bocor my rahsia...i remember you. TPT u helped him to bocor my rahsia..will also remember you. Ended and pt claimed that we are still a little hungry, but daryl said he is very full. However, we decided to stop by at the nearest mamak stall to have a munch. Daryl, who is already full...ordered two pieces of roti, while pt and i ordered only drinks. What can i say??? The hungry ones drink, the not hungry one eat???