Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The day i lost my head

" You MUST pass the exam!!"
"My career will be ruined if you DON't!!!!"

OMG!! Is it that serious?? Those were word by Mr. B, the night before my exam....where i have more than 15 Chapters left to study. I'm speaking only on the first paper... i have 2 papers that day, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The paper in the afternoon...i read it a month ago. This is what happen when u study too early... you tend to forget,but i don't care. I spent the whole night...whole morning studying for the first paper.

Sleep deprived~

That morning, i left my house at 8.45am to avoid jam or lrt breakdown. I drove happily but nervously to Sg Besi lrt station ( note that i have 4 more chapters to go). When i was approaching the station's carpark, it is blocked... "FULL"....shit!!~!....nevermind.. i can always park opposite or somewhere around. I drive around..looking for a parking space....NONE!!~....

Panic attack~

The only thing i can think of is yitseng....i punch his number....He said he will be right there to park the car for me before leaving for sampling. Great~ Then, i found a parking space...hurray~ Punch his number again asking him not to come as i already found a place. I happily walk to the paying machine to find out, i dont have enough coins for 9 hours parking. I get back to my car....reverse and get out of the lot. Now, where am i going to park my car?? Saw a post a free parking space..yay!!! Off i the myself a seat, while waiting for the lrt. Then, i remember.... I forget my calculator!~...SHIT!!!~

Don't care...will buy one at the Maju Junction Mall. When i arrived, i quickly check around to find shops selling calculator...NONE!!!... Great~ I don't care anymore....head straight to starbucks...sit down and study....The more i read...the more i confused myself...Feeling really dizzy ....the hot chocolate is not doing any good to me.. i feel like i almost collapsed.

When i registered myself in the exam hall, the room is like a chilling room. Freezing cold~ Lack of sleep, cold, dizzy and nervous....erghhh CRAP!!! I prayed hard just to pass the exam.. i don't want a distinction ( coz i know i will never get.LOL)....pass will do...When i was doing the 40th question, i can hear the printer and i saw a guy walking across to collect the results. WHAT???? That fast????!~ Are those questions so easy???!~ Why am i struggling to get an answer?? The, another guy walked out of the hall...and another....then another...followed by another......
When all the questions are answered, i hit the "complete" button then i shut my eyes....

Please please please.... i don't want to ruin Mr. B's career
I don't want to be a murderer...PLeaseee let me pass....

I took a peep on the screen..."PASSED!!" oh, yes~

i walked out of the room, head back to starbucks...second cup of hot chocolate...sink into the cushion and STUDY..... My eyes barely can legs are aching (must be numb due to the low temperature) head is spinning as though i popped the E pills...nothing is going into my brain...but, i have no choice...i MUST read....and do some questions...

There i go again into the "chilling room"...second paper has only 50 ques. Guess what?? I'm the first person to finished all the question and i dare not submit. WTH??? What is wrong with others?? Then, i came to realized there are several ppl doing different papers in the same hall.

Congratulations to myself!!! I passed both papers....relief~ I must reward myself...i shopped around like zombie...with my eyes like garfield,my head is so light...and i feel like im floating...I called Mr. B to deliver the good news...and you should listen to his voice...he was soooo surprised that i passed the exam. I don't think i can talk anymore on the phone, I MUST sleep......I float myself back into the LRT. Sat down and prepare to sleep.....then i saw an old man standing right in front of me...normal days, i would stand up and offer him my seat..but that day.....sorry , uncle....i WILL faint on you...i don't want to kill you with my weight.

Finally, i am home..but i don't dare to sleep...knowing that i have sleeping afraid to sleep now and wake up in the middle of the night until the next morning.  Woke up around 9pm to dinner then sleep again around 1am.....YaY!!! I can finally sleep again at night...i'm normal again!!!!