Thursday, July 30, 2009


Those who know me...should know that i have childhood asthma. Now, let me tell u one thing....if you have childhood asthma..and it recovers after 12 years old (was been told by the doctor), that doesnt mean your asthma is gone forever!!!! Your asthma will still come back during your adulthood!!

When i was younger, ASthma attack only occured when i have cough. Now, not anymore. It attacks when you u least predict it. My first experience of asthma during adulthood is during my uni days. I'm allergic to alcohol~ Of coz, NOT kampai !!! But beer (at times). Symptom will be simply, i will have itchy throat, cough..., phlegm building up, then...u will hear me whining Cascade reaction, konon~ Nobody panics!~ I'm a science student, i should know how to handle myself. Moreover, this is only mild asthma....don't even need an inhaler (yet?).

So, there are a few things i'm asthmatic to - pickled nutmeg, prawn head (especially those semi-cooked ones), alcohol ( high % only) and garlic ( the skin only). Today i discovered...i think im allergic to the raw ones as well. OMG!~ My bak kut teh with lotsa lotsa minced raw garlic. I googled and found that it may triggers asthma.....sigh...that is not all that i found..

Chocolate and strawberries can trigger asthma too~

I pray....that they wont cause any prob to me...plsssssss

Do you know that asthma is a type of allergy too? So, how to treat allergy? When i was young, my mouth will swell after taking prawns and crabs. WHAT? No prawns and crabs forever?? NO WAY!!! I still take prawns and crabs, but in moderate portion. Overtime, it heals :) that is how i treat asthma. (Pls note that my solution is not scientifically proven to treat asthma)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's Dinner

Nestum Prawn


(Although the nestum supposed to be golden brown. I think it is Millard reaction after adding margarine and sugar). This is easy to prepare as you can't cook the prawn and nestum for long. Make sure that the prawn is well cooked before frying the nestum and other ingredients.It takes about 15 minutes to prepare

Oriental Minced Pork

Best i ever cooked~ The sweetness, colour and aromatic is just as same as "Mama" used to cook. However, this is a little time consuming as u need to fry the meat and potatoes beforehand.
Daryl gave me 9/10. The missing 1 is for room of improvement. ( What room of improvement when he can't even point out which aspect to improve?). I give myself 10/10.

This meal cost only RM15 for 3 pax (not applicable for big eaters)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Horrible KTM

Hate the KTM!!! I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner. The whole morning have been thinking what to wear......done with everything.....don't dare to do much lab work..because afraid that i will be late for the dinner. Ended up, i cant even fit my toe into that train. I was sweating all over...with my black off shoulder top and skinny jeans AND 4 inch heels. I'm so prepared for the dinner...WHY?? Why can't get into the train??Why is the train sardine-packed??

i was hungry....i only had milk for the whole all dressed up n now i stink..i tend to have super bad mood when i sweat alot....

That's not all....someone molested my butt while i was trying to push my way through the crowd!!! GOSH!~ Horrible!~ I wanted to turn around and give that guy a super tight slap but, too many ppl around, i don't even know whose print is on my @SS...ERGHHH!~

So i called off the dinner.

Now, i'm back working in the lab in slippers because my feet just cant take the 4 inch high heels anymore.I need a leg massage!~ i want to

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lonely lunch

So sad~

Yit Seng is away for Conference in Penang. I have to be alone...lunch alone. SAD~
So cham.

Somemore lazy to go down buy fried rice has only eggs in it. Double sad~

Tomato ketchup- left only 1 tbsp...ergh... TRIPLE SAD~

Total up all the sadness = Sad face fried rice~

Cooking again

Pumpky has been complaining that i don't cook for him anymore. So, i decided to cook again....Guess what the chef is cooking ??....

Herbal Chicken
Chilli Prawn

It is not easy to prepare meal for Pumpky as he is very choosy over food (he definitely won't agree on this). The last time we went to Godma's house for dinner, her herbal chicken was so good.Pumpky said too much herbs...lesser Then it will not be called herbal chicken, isnt it? Nevermind. This time, i'm NOT going to add in so much... imagine, i only added ONE miserable "dong kwai". sigh.


Herbal Chicken : So so...can be better, but Pumpky is too kind to say it is nice.
Chilli Prawn : We love the chilli prawn. It is spicy and sour. Really nice.

Recipe for Chilli Prawn

4 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp of cornflour
1 tbsp sugar

Removed the shell of the prawns, left only the tail and head

~6 cloves of garlic , chopped
~ 3cm ginger, chopped
3 chillies, chopped
Curry leaves

1. Heat the pan. Add in oil
2. Fry the chopped garlic,ginger ,chillies and leaves until fragrant
3. Add in prawn. Fry until the prawns turn pink
4. Add the sauce in. Simmer. Add 1/2 cup of water. Bring to boil
5. Ready to serve :)

Simply yet delicious....

Sorry! Was too hungry...forgotten to snap picture of the food. Only get to snap the leftovers. Chilli prawn....leftover pun tak

It shows how delicious the food is