Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clinic @ Sunway , Penang

A friend of mine recommend me to this place called "Clinic". During my short weekend trip back to Penang, we went there.

This is their bar. Waitress and waiter in nurse uniform.

Their seats are like hospital bed. There are charts and posters of those u see in the clinic or hospital...

Syringe filled with tomato or chilly sauce.

Look at the operation theater light... this restaurant reminds me of the one at Clarke Quay,Singapore. Just that....in this "clinic", almost every 30-45 minutes...there will be some kawaii girls walk in ...selling cigarettes....sigh~ Selling ciggy in CLINIC?? Those girls are young and pretty...dressed up sexy uniform with heavy makeup selling drugs. No wonder they say Girls are devil~! You'll get hooked up and memerized with their beauty, and you fork out money to buy something to kill yourself...Sigh!!! Smokers...wake up!!!

The idea of the "clinic" is very impressive...their deco...and everything...i will give 5 star rating for the creativity and the props.. the food...and the ambient....hmmmm

If you pay an expensive price.. you would expect to get quality food,no?? But this is different...i have no idea...if you are looking for a place to chit chat with your friends..at a comfortable place.. this is NOT the place..seriously....why??? COz i 've been there chit chatting with my friends...drinking and eating exp stuffs...got bitten my mosquitoes...i can even see them flying like a halo on my friend's head while she is talking. I can't stand the sight of mosquitoes!!!