Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eating out @ Kepong

We head down to Kepong to see a condo's show unit. Sigh..Disappointing..commercial shops downstairs...not fruitful

It is not fruitful in that way, but it is fruitful in another way....we get to eat around Kepong!. Seng's bro brought us there a few times. Our favourite will be fish fillet spag...for only RM5.50. Cheap ,rite???

The portion is just nice. Not to little...but, the portion used to be bigger last time.

Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce.

A&W Float ( it is not easy to find it anywhere)

This is mine. Ms Fitness - CuCumber + Orange + ...errrr...not sure if it is tomato or watermelon.. heheh. This is NICE!~

After that, we head over for dessert......... We don't gain weight without a reason. SIGh!~ Must go on diet....!!! time.... hehe

After searching high and low for this shop...finally....

My objective here is to try out the mango "cheung fun" and mango noodle. Not found MUST try!!!

There... here it is... each and every dessert in the menu has a picture, you don't have to guess what it looks like. Wanted to try the noodle...but the "cheung fun" looks more appetizing.

Tadaaaa~ This is served cold. Dont mistaken this with "chee cheung fun". The skin is not made of flour ( i guess). I don't really know what it is made of...but absolutely NOT flour lo. It is soft and smooth....texture like young coconut....but when u bite on it, it is like "tau fu far". So SO SO NICE!!!! MUST MUST try!!!!~...Special stuffs don't normally come with cheap price. This is RM8 per plate~ worth trying , though. Wanted to force D to order mango noodle for himself but he.........

....ordered this too quickly, that i can't stop him. Sigh. This is his favourite Red Bean Soup with tong yun filled with black sesame.

Nice!!! Nice!! Good food all the way....FOOD-ful TRIP!~