Friday, February 20, 2009

The forgotten post

Ran across a book recommending on Sibu food in the book store the other day and honestly, the food displayed in it doesn't look inviting. Out of many, i choosed the below because it looks appetizing and it is easy to prepare. Ended up, we had gigantic balls for dinner....haha...scarie..the look of it...*gulp*...that's it...don't want to emphasize more...

Ingredient A : Minced meat+ carrot+onions +some corn flour

1. Boiled the egg. Wrap the egg using ingredient A .
2. Wrap 'mee sua' around the finished good (1).
3. Deep fry it.

p/s: I don't think anyone would want to try this...hehe..forgotten the name for this

Sotong Goreng Hitam

Clean the sotong, remove the head. Put the 'ink gland' aside.
Place the head back into the sotong.
Fry the 'cili boh' with garlic and onions
Add in the sotong.
Add in a glass of water +sugar+salt+ asam jawa+ketchup sauce+ a little of the 'ink gland'
Bring to boil. Fry until the gravy is dry

p/s : This is good....should try

Cantonese food : Steamed " Ham Har" Chicken

This dish is salty. If u love salty food. You should try this.

After all the meat, now it is the vege...

Steamed "pai kut'

1. Marinate the 'pai kut' with tau cheong + tau si (crushed) + red chilly + sugar + salt + a little oil for 15 minutes or more.

2. Steam it for 20 minutes

Five spice meat with potato

ABC soup (A for apple)

Soup is always the easiest thing to do. Just dump everything into a slow cooker, then magic happens

Apple + 'chu kuat' /pork ribs +carrot +tomato+onion + star anise