Friday, August 22, 2008


Last night, i had the strangest dream...well, happiest too. I've been complaining abt my convo falls on a wednesday...and how ppl just cant make it up north in the middle of the week.....There, in the corner of my little heart, i wish that 'they' can make it there for me. :) Funny thing is, they are scattered everywhere...KL, Penang, S'pore.. How can they make it? It is impossible!! To arrange a little reunion is as tough as me climbing up Everest. So, i kept it to myself...

God must have heard my whisper...He gave me the sweetest dream last night....He sent me warmth on a cold and chilly night -My Dream Convo. The three of them, gave a surprise appearance on that day. My expression?? hahaha....i was going "OMG! OMG! "...speechless... I don't know what else to say. It is so real that i can still recall how tightly i hugged them. That feeling...~ Those secondary school's memories...Ouch!~..I just don't understand why, everytime i recall those special moments, my hair stands....No, i didnt attend any of their convo...I wish i could but they are at overseas.Sigh~