Monday, February 8, 2010

Honeymoon @ 1 utama

Honeymoon dessert hse is definitely your choice if you a fan of desserts.

Apart from the ordinary desserts like bobo cha cha and ice kacang, they have array of choices.
A bowl of pearls, sago, beancurd, aloe vera ....all with additional ingredients like fruits

The one thing you MUST try......the durian pan cake. Although it is quite expensive (RM9 for 2 pieces) but worth trying.

D ordered "Grass Jelly Soy Bean Curd". It is not as sweet as the normal "tau fu far", but if you don't like the taste of taufu, you better not order this..

i ordered Couple Maruko............

with mango and kiwi....
I was wondering what Maruko is...... those are mini " tong yun"

The deco.....