Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After the reunion, Jeff and I have so much to chat on msn. We started to discuss our next reunion destination. So much to many excitements...Suddenly, last night he said something really sweet to me....let me paste the exact thing he said..

"hei i wana tell something to u..."
"yes yes...what issit?"
"not sure its pretty or cute......... but u look nice & sweet....."
"eh? wat kinda prank is this?"
"hrm just wat i thought....feel i let u know so i tell u lor....i did wrong?" sweet...i know this guy for almost 5 years now...he never praised me fact he is kinda fed up with me coz im always absent in his plans and never serious when he short, i always pissed him what?? he is such an uncle....This guy loves the museums....and i think museums are boring...many many crashing ideas....
However, he reminded me that i was the first girl who talked to him back in Uni. Although that doesnt ring a bell to me now because i seldom approach guys,but since he said it...i think i did. Was very friendly at that time. hehehe...yea yea..self-praise is no praise...okay.. i got it!
I hope this is a beautiful start for a beautiful friendship between me and this my-bro-look-alike-friend. Not only look-alike..they share the same name -Jeffrey....just that the spelling is slightly different. Jeffrey and Jefferey...or..issit so??? hmmpphh....Confused..~ anyway....Ya!..Nice to meet you again, Jeff~