Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Saturday Gone Jammed

Planned to go for the "Puma Warehouse Sales" before heading to klPac for the Short and Sweet...mana tau ....

stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours. The route supposed to take only 5-10 minutes...ended up 2 hours still along the old Klang Road. Sigh~ Thank God we saw a Honda service centre. Super late lunch...around 4.30pm. The cause of the jam?? Pls click here. We even spotted people reading newspaper and magazine in the car. A man get off his car, run to the car boot, dig dig dig...guess what?? Took out a packet of......................TWISTIES then get back to the driver seat. LOL.

Weird things do not end just there...the moment we get out of "Honda"...this is what we see

Not sure what are those tiny things on the car? Here is a better zoom in...

Tadaaa!!!! TOYS.... The owner must be a collector. Toys are all over the car. Take a note at the back wheel and the side mirrors. Cute stuffs~

Not sure what to do with all the toys collection from McD? There you go...stick it on your car!! All over, baby~