Friday, September 19, 2008

Routine checkup

Flu....someone spread the virus to me again...sigh. Didnt get to sleep well last night, woke up quite early. Had appointment with Naghmeh in the lab to discuss something. Then, i went over to the post office to pick up my item.

Guess what i saw in the hospital today....haha...they have this "Jangan merokok" usual you will see lotsa articles and posters around...with some mini exhibitions. So, these are what i saw ...
I find the middle one kinda i took the close-up pic of it.

The cigratte actually killed the smoker by peircing through its body. Haha..what a good wake up call....

This is Seng...trying to buy from the devilish cigarette seller. Each of them has a difference side effects written. I think he took the "mati pucuk" one.....haha

Now, this is me buying from the devil....and i'm slowly becoming a devil myself because of the regular purchase...heheh

This is Mr. Chooi doing his regular eye check up. I don't know what machine is this but it functions to check the perimeter of your sight. One is supposed to look through the middle spot, then click on the mouse if you see any blinking light. The blinking light will appear anywhere in the field. Hence, the sensitivity of your eye sight towards the degree of the blinking light will indicates whether you have a pair of healthy eyes or not. i getting complicated? ...nvm...anyway...he enjoys the test.No pain at all.