Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori

Last Saturday was Bon Odori. This is the first time im attending it in Shah Alam ( went a few times back in Penang). Bon Odori is a festival of honouring their ancestors...something like our All Soul Days or 'Cheng Beng'.

The madness starts around 7pm+....Heavy traffic along the shah alam highway and jalan perkilangan. Imagine having double parking on the right and the left of the road. Insanely crowded. We have to walk for 20 min before arriving at the stadium.

Not many japanese there...more of Jap Doll-like Malaysians dressed up in Yukata. The cultural show....Nothing!~ Just repetition of dance. but the one thing i see is that the crowd would join in the dance. Most of them. You can actually see the whole field is alive~

The food is a big disappointment. I was starving thinking of getting some genuine and delicious jap food there, but the food supply wasnt enough to accomodate the crowd. If you see a stall with a longer queue, that is the stall with food. The rest are selling beverages, goodie bags or titbits.

We had 2 packets of mee goreng (RM10), 5 curry fish balls (RM5), a bowl of mini ice kacang (RM5). Don't ask me why am i having local food at a jap festival !!!~??.. I have no choice~

Just saw a few updates from friends in Penang. The bon odori there was awesome. The place is beautifully lit up, various cultural performances and fireworks!~...Sigh... What a disappointment!~