Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hate my table

Let me explain how much i hate my workstation. I hated it the first day i sat on it. I hate the fact that i need to carry my laptop around everywhere.

When these two combine, it becomes.... i hate it so so much when I'm using my laptop in my workstation~

You want to know why???

Can you see how strategic my place is?? Whoever enters the room can see what's on my screen....whoever walking to the pantry and washroom (washroom near pantry) can also see what's on my screen. I have no privacy AT ALL!!!!  HATE!!!!

If you suggest that i sit facing the wall...the boss and other colleagues will be able to see what is on my screen. ARGHHHhhhhh~

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am just tired............

Monday, November 15, 2010

The beginning of first day

Nothing unsual, everything is extremely quiet. I carry no expectations...no hope....no wish....

Will the rest of the days be like today?

Can i find happiness in these quiet days?

Will the happiness means being away from you?

I just dont feel like talking..to anyone..

Maybe i should practice how to fake a smile tonight...and pretend that nothing changes

....except in the absence of you

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bags on sale

Whenever you don't have much money left to spend, there is always "SALES".

All i can do now is to stare at the bags....and drools...and salivating...and to control not only my mind and emotions...but also my fingers... so that, i don't click on to the seller's email...and do something stupid~

Erghhh...so hard to resist...gggrrrrr......

Why am i a woman?!~

Attempt to reason;

I have enough bags for myself, I don't need a new one ( but i can sell of the old ones..)

Soon there will be a newer and better looking bag, so when will the buying stops? ( I can still sell off the current ones to get the new one...)

 Consider other necessities before bags, eg. food , you are not going to munch on bread or biscuits everyday ( since i am fat, it  is also a form of diet)

Conclusion:  Reasoning fail.......

Next attempt :-    MEDITATION.......ooommmmmm........

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Cookie Cat @ Subang

Like any normal weekends,we both were contemplating what to have for lunch. Kuchai lama?? SS2?? Then i remember seeing The Cookie Cat in the web. Since both of us have never tried it before, we decided to pay the 'cat' a visit. We followed the blog's direction to get there. The direction given is cool...we finally got to the car park and at the guard house, but we couldn't find the shop. We were walking up and down the street, still no sign of CookieCat. The thing is...the CookieCat is hiding inside the building.You have to walk right into the building and you will see CookieCat on the right.

 I love the deco in the shop. simple+ sweet.

They only have two types of set lunch for the day. We opt for one each.

He has Roasted chicken + upgrade from cookie to cupcakes + drinks

This set comes with rice. I love the chicken. D said the cupcake is a little too sweet. I think it is okay....

I have Spaghetti Bolognese

 The spag is just normal....But i like the garlic toast, though. The cookie...hmmm...i prefer more buttery taste and crispier. Although it is hot, but the cookie seems to be a little soggy.

 We take away 3 cupcakes and the total bill comes to abt RM40++. Wow~