Monday, March 10, 2014


Would you believe it? it feels like yesterday ..we were sitted in class, copying each other's homework...talking about the cutest guy in that school.... and now, she is HITCHED!

The story of us

We were not the closest buddy in back then. It must be the cruelty of the society that has brought us together. Yes, I said it. I am sure you know of the drama when your best friend left you for more new friends ... or the I-Thought-She-Is-My-Bestie suddenly turned her back against you. We have totally different circle of friends, but we always give priority to one another. We know when one is hurt, the rest will be there to back her up...I don't care if she is right or wrong. You mess with her, I am gonna give you hell out of your life.

We often talk about life... career, friends, love....SE has got the most amazing story of her love life. I couldn't forget Benjamin Franklin, the chef and Mr.Cheator. The wonderful thing about this woman is, she is real. I will never have to doubt the things this two wonderful woman say to me. that is how close we are.

I remember the moment she break the news that she is in a relationship with this guy. First thing that came into my mind.... Are you Sure?? then...

What is his name?
Stays where?
Work as a...?
How do you know him?....

I can be quite a mother at times. I just do not want my friend to be hurt. I have doubt in their relationship initially. That guy with that long hair...quiet...ego looking..plays the same DOTA as me... (ahemm...that is quite ok)...can he take good care of my friend? I doubt

But I see changes in my friend, she is going super low profile on this relationship. Despite the reasons that she gave me, I respect that she is changing for this man. For good, of course. Everything went on smoothly, we had dinner several times ( I know she is trying to change my perception on her man... works)....he seems ok...

One Friday night, SE called. she was almost crying. I was like.. "Freaky Idiotic Guy, I'm gonna bring you hell".  OF course... I didn't say it to her. I listened and then we have decided to spend a night away where she is now. We had our good old girlie time....dressing up, dolling up...the beer, the music... I shared my story with her ( Hey! I am a good story teller....after years of experiences). I made her understand that don't let the petty things ruin a relationship. Seriously, I felt bad for calling him 'Freaky Idiotic Guy' , though.

Months later, she invited me to her ROM! I see how well she fits into their heart little friend has finally found her Mr. Right....and she is no longer my little friend. She is someone else's wife now. You made it!! You nailed that guy!! kidding...

Look how charming that smile is. Alright! Case close. When is MY TURN??!!! Mr. Right, where are you??

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is dating?

She: let's go pak tor
He : ok. Where do you want to go? Jusco?
She: is that paktor?
He : do you want to paktor?

I gave it a second thoughts after that...

What is dating supposed to be?

Watching movies? By holding hands? Sharing food? Going on vacations?

After a long thought, the answer is... Spending quality time doing nothing.

Well, you just have to define 'Quality time' the right way.