Thursday, August 13, 2009


At the age of 26, most girls would want to settle down, have their own family, a stable is at a dormant stage. Not for me, i don't want to tie myself down into marriage at such a young age. I want to see more of the world, enjoy precious time being unmarried. Ask if i would like to have kids. My answer?

A big "NO"!!

What is wrong with me not wanting to have my own kids? Well, i think im a kid myself. I cant take care of others, what's more a fragile little infant? I don't think i could wake up late at night changing diapers, feeding milk, etc. I have not set up my own savings yet.....want me to save on a new inborn? milk, clothing,medication, education,entertainment,etc....WOW~ that freaks me out~ I prefer living with a world of double-ness...only me and my boo...~ Cuddling,kissing,enjoying every night. I don't mind babysitting little ones, once in awhile, dont worry, i'm not a child abuser. My boo and i had a serious discussion over this issue, my say...
" if we want a child, we can adopt one. Or maybe have more pets at home to share your love with IF you think you have too much love to give." Well, that's ME.

A friend of mine, Cristy ( not her real name, of coz) has been married for 3 years and wanting to have her own baby. Due to some health problem, she couldn't conceive. This lady want a baby of her own so much..that she went for IVF ( in vitro fertilisation). I read so much abt it during uni time, now it happens.

Firstly, she took on hormone jabs everyday to induce production of ovum. Imagine jabbing yourself every morning at your tummy subcutaneously. Her ovary swelled as a result of the jabs that she could feel the pressure in her and it is so painful to walk. When the ovum is produced, she has to go through an "exposed" ( she is asked to strip naked in front of all the doctors and nurses) experience of getting her ovums sucked out. Gosh~ her ovary is a little shy...hiding behind some organs...and doctor have to pierce thru the organ to get to the ovary. Yeah...pierced through...! She was hospitalized after that for having internal bleeding because of that. Thank God!! The process went well, they managed to get it fertilized and the zygote is at a 4 cells stage.

Then she has to go through another series of medication to get her uterus wall thicken, welcoming the embryo to be transfered into her. She waited for a month, then, there goes the embryo transfer. Note that this process is done when she is fully awake. She is happy now waiting for her baby to stick on her uterus and grow happily in her. Let's just pray that this mighty lady, a mother who would sacrifice everything just to have a baby, would be safe and happy throughout the pregnancy~

My eyes are almost tearing and i would never forget the moment when i get her msg saying how painful the jab much blood they drew from her, how horrible the puncture holes are....Man, this baby better loves her/his mommy more than anyone else in this world.

If we shared the same thinking of not wanting a baby of our own initially, will this story change your mind?