Friday, July 17, 2009

Horrible KTM

Hate the KTM!!! I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner. The whole morning have been thinking what to wear......done with everything.....don't dare to do much lab work..because afraid that i will be late for the dinner. Ended up, i cant even fit my toe into that train. I was sweating all over...with my black off shoulder top and skinny jeans AND 4 inch heels. I'm so prepared for the dinner...WHY?? Why can't get into the train??Why is the train sardine-packed??

i was hungry....i only had milk for the whole all dressed up n now i stink..i tend to have super bad mood when i sweat alot....

That's not all....someone molested my butt while i was trying to push my way through the crowd!!! GOSH!~ Horrible!~ I wanted to turn around and give that guy a super tight slap but, too many ppl around, i don't even know whose print is on my @SS...ERGHHH!~

So i called off the dinner.

Now, i'm back working in the lab in slippers because my feet just cant take the 4 inch high heels anymore.I need a leg massage!~ i want to