Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What would you do?

Since young, i have always wanted a sister. Someone whom i can talk to when i'm bored. During the hostel stay in university, i was overwhelmed to know that i will be getting a room mate soon. However, to cut a story short, i didnt get to experience having a roomie...a girl whom i can live with in the same room. Nvm. I heard a story from a friend the other day telling me her experience of having a roomie.I never thought that PDA (public display affection) is much better than PDA (private display affection). Why am i saying that?

She had this roomie, let's name her Pamela, who has fallen in love for the second time after so long. Pamela loves this new guy very much. There was this night where Pamela told her that Pam's bf will be dropping by after clubbing. She thought it would be good to being able to see him for the first time after long heard of him. Pam talks abt him 24/7. They waited awhile...he is still on his around 5am, she decided to give up on meeting this pam-thinks-he-is-a-great-guy. She warned Pam's of the possibilities of a guy acting strange, doing silly stuffs after the club. Moreever, it is late at night, you wouldnt know what a guy will do to a girl. In addition that Pam doesnt really know him yet. Honestly, she thinks that the boyfriend sounds like a playboy. She warned her to put on extra clothes because it was cold outside ( actually that is not the main reason. She just want Pam to dressed properly, not to trigger his desire). In the midst of her sleep, she heard knockings on the door.

She heard someone opening the door. She knew it is him. Just pray that they wouldnt end up doing silly things. Then, she heard footsteps and some soft whispers in the room. Oh NO!! they are in the room. She doesnt know what to do,so she pretend to sleep. As the whispers grew louder, she can even hear each and every word they said. She wished that she is deaf at that moment. She tried very hard to fall back to sleep but her ears keep hearing words...then giggles...kiss....sound of the springs in bed...moan. OMG!~!.....MOAN??~!?....She cant believe it...they make out on the next bed. GOSh!! She tried to make a few toss and turns on bed to remind them that hey! there is someone on the next bed....behave!!. They paid no attention to her.She put her hands together and pray hard that someone would come and save her. God must have heard her prayers and made some arrangements for something to happen. As you know, arrangements need time. After abt 1.5-2 hours, there is a call in the phone. She heard them jumped off bed to pick up the phone. She wasnt sure if Pam is fully dressed or....ergh~...whatever it is..she still prefers to play put on the i-am-still-sleeping mode.After Pam hang up the phone, she regretted for not waking up....coz she still hear the sound of springs in the next bed. Thank God at this moment, someone knocked on the door. This sounds like an angel appearing at the doorstep and said "Fear Not..i'm here to bring your roomie out" hahah...okay.. i create the last one. She heard ppl putting on clothes and ran to the door. Another hsemate came looking for an item she left in their room, while checking if we would love to go for a breakfast together. Then she remembered, "Ah the breakfast Saviour!!". Slowly she opened up her eyes to join in the conversations for breakfast...then packed her jeans and shirt in the wardrobe out...then never to stepped back into the room for the day. At least not until Pam is out.

Her life has been coloured by the rainbow with that one-night-experience. Now, what would you do if you were in her shoes?? Would you turned over to say "BAd Position!" or start preaching " People, body is the temple of God....etc." or jump off bed..pointing at their nose and started screaming " how can you do that to me? Where is your respect towards your roommate?i'm NOT deaf-u know?" or just pretended nothing had happened? just like her..stay still..pray hard?

genting trip

We waited for almost 4 hours to check into the hotel. That night we went for " Dreamz".

We are not supposed to take any photo there. The pretended-to-be-innocent me still managed to snap a few.hehe.

Kinda interesting. Celebrated Karthik,WY and Prakash's birthday. We had vegetarian cake..i must say this...the cake is awwww.....ful.sorry pt but...i dont like the cake. After the celebration, they went else where ,while i stayed back to chat with my roomie. After the long chat, Seng came to guide me to where they were. He told me abt the bird they saw in the middle of the road. The bird was almost chilled to death. It was very cold that night ,though. Strange thing, the bird is still there. Poor thing...It couldnt fly. So, i caught it, held it in my hand, covered it with my shawl, then brought him back to the hotel.

The rescue team.Noted that the little birdie is in Seng's hand

Before bringing the little bird back to the room, i still managed to walked around...snapping pic.

I don't look like i was holding a bird in my hand, right??? hehe..skill..

That night, i couldnt sleep but i do not want to emphasize on the reason here. I had a most frightening night ever...Don't worry... not like i saw "boo boos" in my room. Nothing about that...anyway, i would like to thank Jeff for the morning call and Seng for giving me an excuse to get out of the room. After washing up, we made our way for breakfast. Stole a slice of bread for the birdie in the room. I placed the bird in the bathroom to keep it warm. The moment i opened the door to the bathroom, i stepped on its poo. erghh~ gross~...that's not all, the worst part is...i thought of bringing the bread nearer to it ...i thought the bird would appreciate my kindness, but didnt. It flew on my head, trying to peck my head...then suddenly i saw something fell right across my face. I thought it was feather or its little toenail or something....but i was wrong. I was thank God as i stared at the "thing" landed on the floor. Yes!! The bird's poop. erghh!~.I headed straight to bed after that.That afternoon itself (after 6 hours of beauty sleep), i decided to let it out. Of course, it is not due to its 'appreciations' towards me. I'm not sure if it is a myth or for real. I've heard my grandmother saying that sparrow will suicide if it is kept as a pet. That is the reason that you dont see ppl keep sparrow at home. Ring a bell to me...better not risk it. After making sure it is fit to fly, i let it off the window. I saw it flying away... it flew so desperately away.......towards its home...

Mind the blur look and the messy hair. I just woke up

Feeling hungry..we went hunting for food. Finally, made our choice to have Kenny Rogers. so hungry....

My lunch+dinner


Then, we decided to catch a movie. Nothing else to do . I have to say this... i met this really cute looking guy at the counter. soooo cute~ He has dimples, brown eyes (slightly lighter than usual), high nose, perfect lips (average thickness..i'm sure it is very kissable...ahem, Pumpky, just in case you are reading this..Psst!! Yours is still the best *tee hee hee*). As i was approaching the counter, i cant help peeping at him but trying to look away when he looked in my way. Seng told me that he saw him smiling at me....gosh! i almost blurted out what is on my mind at that moment " If you are the popcorn, i will be the caramel..coated all over sweeten you...or the other way round.. i dont mind being eaten as long as you were wrapped around me..." okay okay.. i know it sounds corny. I was asking all sorts of stupid questions on the Osim seats and the Premier seats...cant you tell that i just want to talk to him?? I just want to spend longer time staring at ......his dimples...gorgeous~Guess i better not crap too much abt this guy,else i would have more to explain when 'somebody' sees this.

Who said the "the Coffin" is not scary??~!? Stupid Mr. Whatever, i thought you said no ghost?? ISH~!~ I must comment on the seats in the cinema. That is the first time ever i'm feeling blessed to have short legs as i sat down in the cinema. Poor Seng had a hard time positioning his legs. After the movie, we meet up with the rest....yak yak yak...

then i headed back to the hotel....doze off ...soooo tired.It must be the sudden rush of adreline when i saw that guy....that uses up most of my energies. Nah!~...excuses. Slept away the second i hit the bed. As usual, i missed the next day's breakfast. I didnt even hear Jeff's morning call..totally unconscious.. Packed...

Took a few photo before we headed downhill.

I couldnt sleep anymore on our way downhill, so we were mou mou liu liu-ing in the car. This is what we got

we were trying to see who has a longer tongue