Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pepper Lunch @ Pavilion, KL

If you like cooking but dislike the mess......THIS IS THE PLACE YOU SHOULD BE.

If outside food is not up to your taste, they are either too salty or tasteless........ THIS IS THE PLACE YOU SHOULD BE.

1. Place your order at the counter and wait to be served

2. Do not remove the paper surrounding the hotplate. REMEMBER: The hotplate is HOT!!.

3. Cook the chicken/fish/beef according to your preference

4. Note that there is butter in the rice, You should mix the rice and the ingredient thoroughly

5. Seasonings are available. Simply add in garlic soy sauce/ honey BBQ sauce/ pepper/ salt

6. After everything is done, remove the paper then enjoy the meal. Yummy~

I might look like i wasn't enjoying my food, but NO...... i was having a quick pray for food before i start feasting on it.