Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm back, DOTA!!!

I have not been playing DOTA for quite sometime now. The last time i played??? Almost a year ago? I am NOT a learner....therefore i started off with learning how to use a hero...well, maybe one or two heroes- Drow Ranger and Centaur. Lately ...i'm trying out random heroes....

Firstly, i have to tell you this...i am NOT an expert player...or a only a NOOB!!!... i just simply click...and my objective is only to KILL, CONQUER and WIN !! No special kill,no plots, no planning, or whatsoever.

I was randomly picking a hero and i got Summon Dragon Knight.This small little thing... i have never used before...but still...not bad...

The next game, i got Crystal Maiden. I heard that it is a great hero with amazing spells. I'm sorry but im just not good at casting spells. HP is so short that even the normal creeps can kill me. Or am i too slow? Once again prove that sexy and hot babe is hard to control ~ LOL

Oh!! Not to forget.. Twin head dragon... used that once...and i love it!~ hehe

The picture below will be me trying to destroy the The Scourge's fountain.Haha...

Can you spot me??

Brazillian BBQ Buffet

This is what you will see when once u stepped into the restaurant. The ambience is far from what i expected it to be. It is an open air restaurant, without aircon.

Choices of food is kinda limited. There are fried mee, spag, fried rice,vege, roasted dark, lemon chicken, some fried pohpiah and nuggets.

The appetizer all be like below,

Brazillian rojak. The sauce tasted like diluted Msian rojak sauce served with sliced mango, cucumber,parsley

This is salad, which consist of eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and tuna.

Only 3 choices of drinks.

You will be asked to help yourself with the food mentioned above while the bbq meat will be served shortly at your table.

The BBQ stuffs that they served are mutton, beef, deer's meat, cocktail sausages (tasted like those from Ayamas), chicken wings, pineapple, fish, banana and...........if im not mistaken, that's all.

This is how your BBQ meat will be served from table to table.

Our mistake.... we shouldn't have taken so much of ready food. I was so hungry the time when we i just grabbed whatever i can see. The soup...haha...sooooo starchy...what's in it?? starch, "tang hoon", sliced crab meat, egg and chopped carrot.

The experience??
The BBQ food is not bad but the rest are .....disappointing. What should you do if you are visiting this place? DO NOT take on the ready food. Wait to be served with the BBQ food ONLY.
It is fun to see them serving the BBQ food. Never tried that before...definitely WON't be going back for the second time.

The price is fairly ok. RM 28 for adults. Location : Serdang Perdana