Monday, October 26, 2009

Tricks or Treats~

This will be the deco u will see in 1 Utama... there are several stalls around it selling Halloween stuffs like mask, witch broom, halloween costumes, spiders, bats, webs....etc. Interesting, i didn't know that Halloween has been a celebration in Malaysia. I thought we only have "cheng beng" and " All souls day".

This is business, weiling....

Hmmppp...more celebrations, more money you would spend on buying stuffs.

i LURRRVEEEE everyone knows, i love horror moviess... i used to read only horror stories ( i have the whole collection of Russel Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories). When i was younger, if someone asked me to draw a house with landscape... i will definitely draw a house with chimney, a tree beside my hse, with a bench underneath the tree,...a road from the door....there will be pebbles along the roads,clouds,sun,...then.....a tombstone next tot he bench scary~