Thursday, March 31, 2011

25th March 11

so so so so happy....It is FRIDAY!!! and also my Birthday eve. And.. i have got free head charge in REd BOX.... 7 days before and 7 days after my bday. Yeah!!!

So off we went to Red Box,IOI mall. Kinda disappointed... unlike GreenBox. I do not have a birthday cake. Only free sparkling juice. And that it is compulsory for us to buy titbits. This is so unfair. Ended up we paid 40+++ per person instead of 30++.

That is not all.....i was so so so tired that night i didn't get to sing as much as i can. Then...before the clock struck to 12am. POLICE RAID!!!  WTH!!!!! Raiding red box?? They assured us that although they have a legal license but at times, the police will come. What does that mean?? Policemen running out of cash...that is why they are around spoiling other people's party???


We went back to PT's place but., i am so so so sorry.....I just couldn't stay awake anymore. They handed me my birthday present...LOVE it!! LOVE it!! Love it

I have been wanting to buy this Swarovski pen for quite some time... MUack!!!

Thank you, Seng, PT and Caren~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life in Klang

You know life is bad when you see me onlining and blogging in starbucks instead of home.

I miss my internet access!! i miss my online life!!!

Man.. i HATE Klang....when can i leave????

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1111 Days

 I never know D is the romantic type of person until yesterday. He surprised me a bouquet of roses. The moment i saw the bouquet...i thought it was my birthday yesterday...but.....couldn't be. I asked if it is my early bday celebration....He said no. Then, he said the answer is in the number of roses. I counted.... What does 11 mean?? I ain't 11 years old....

Then there is a little card hiding in the bouquet. I do not know what to say.....According to him, it is our 1111 days together as a couple. Awwww......i almost weep....nah..kidding. But i am sooooo touched.
Then he bring out a little gift for me. It is a charm bracelet. I have always wanted a bracelet. so sweet....first time ever he read my mind. I LOVEeeee.....the bracelet.

I was so happy yet so guilty. Why didn't i know anything abt 1111 days? Is there such a celebration? He did so many thing....get the things planned month ahead and me....??? I just sit there and receive all the love that he can give. Sounds selfish...but i LOVe it... I think it is okay to be selfish once in awhile. tee hee hee...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me and My GM

 Have been working in TG for a month. In a month, I have been called into the GM's office for 7 times. How great!~ My GM loves asking me questions that i do not know how to answer. Not sure what it is?

Scenario 1:
GM: How are you doing?
Me: Yeah. Good
GM: How good? Why is working in TG good?
Me : errrrr..........
GM : Okay... then why is working in TG bad?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 2 : 
GM: Why do you think we hire you?
Me : Erm......
GM: Why?
Me : Because willing to contribute?
GM: what can you contribute? Those foreigners can work more and longer hours than you. Why do you we choose you over those foreigners?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 3 :

On my second week in TG

GM: Okay.. LWL, What are the problems you observed in the factory
Me: I'm only in my early 2nd week here.
GM: Yea... 2nd week can already help us to improve-what@@?!!!
Me : *sweat*