Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Monday blue

Yesterday i had the worst flu i ever had. Since young, i always have the privilege to be on MC whenever i am not feeling well. Not anymore!~ I had an appointment yesterday which is made weeks earlier at IBS (Institute Bioscience). It is so hard to make booking for the facilities there therefore i will not missed this chance. I dragged myself into the car....drive with only half conscious mind to the IBS.I cant bring myself to fake a smile to anyone along the way. I almost fainted in the lab....and that lab is freaking cold!~...iishh...!~ where are all the air-con controllers?? While waiting for my things to be done, i took out my entertainment source..."FEMALE" magazine....as i flipped through the pages, suddenly EN Rafi appeared from behind

"Hey, Weiling....ape ni? F-E-M-A-L-E....sedap ke ni?" He took the magazine...and started browsing the pages WITHOUT asking....iiishhh!~ I just sit there, stared at him flipping the pages while i blowing my nose....feeling like a half dead fish. Then , Carmen walked in. She asked what kinda magazine is that?... i said "female". "Which edition?" ...."the latest May" "oh? How come i've never seen the latest May edition like that?" For a moment, i was *tink-ed*.....she has never seen? what does that mean? She suspected that i was lying about getting the May edition b4 May? or she actually meant CLEO?....ergh....nvm.....

As usual En. Rafi will leave me handling the machine alone, while he work on his things....BUT he didnt warn me that i must not save any files in the desktop. Damn.. i'v spent hours searching for the particles...and now he said the files cannot open?? For the next hour, i found nothing and i couldnt get back what i saw. DEMOTIVATED!~ It is time to go to a doctor.

The best time to go PK (Pusat Kesihatan) in UPM is at 5pm. I'm the only patient around. Got everything done in less than 15 minutes. Fast eh? lol. Drove back...make porridge...then terus tidur until this morning.

This is my lunch. When all the food seems tasteless, may as well go for some soupy stuffs. My favourite radish soup with macaroni.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pulau Ketam

Last weekend, we went on a trip to Pulau Ketam. Took the KTM from Serdang to KL Sentral then KL sentral-Port Klang.

It is only a short walking distance from the KTM station to the port.Say 5 minutes?....The ferry ticket cost RM7 per way. Damn expensive. We were expecting Langkawi type of ferry....but....

Seriously the photo looks better than the interior. The ferry stinks...It took us abt 40 minutes to reach the island. A ferry attendant (normally an aunty) will be there ...NOT to serve you, but to collect your money. You only pay when you are inside

Upon arriving....this is Pulau Ketam. It is a small, undeveloped fishing island@ market island. We walked into the small town and several seafood restaurants. We picked the restaurant with most locals dining in. There is another seafood restaurant opposite but it is filled with ang mohs, we do not want to be 'sucked dried' and hang like those 'kiam hu' selling...haha......so we choose this...

Crab is the MUST HAVE!! RM28 per kilo..not very cheap, but its okay. we ordered 4 crabs. 2 for dried chilli crab and another 2 for salted egg. RM 10 fried oyster (oo chien). RM16 for deep fried squid and RM 16 for 'kung bao' mantis shrimp and RM10 fried oyster.

After the meal, we walked around the island. No cars or bike found in the island, mean of transport?? *cling cling* that is the sound u will hear behind you if you are on its way. Yes!! Bicycle. If you are thinking that the island is pollution free...best for the weekend getaway?? NO!! There is something in the island that is more than just pollution.

Look at these rubbish. It is found between houses. I even saw banner warning people " You are now in the aedes breeding area". People, if you happen to be there, kill any mosquitoes that you see.

what else is interesting on this island? A mini tortoise pond and a few temples...nothing else....
They are selling those keropok ikan, keropok udang, satay ikan,etc...cheap here...RM10 for 6 packets....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is just how amazing that people just hide their talents deep inside. Or shall i ask this...how many talented people u have around you? We all are made in the image of God....You are not just who you are, you are MORE...much MORE than that.

Just how many couples you see around you: Pretty wife + Fat husband; Handsome husband +oversized not-so-pretty wife? In fact, friends around me should know 'my theory' of saying "Good-looking girl will always end up with ugly man" and vice versa. When i was younger, Princess MUST always end up with a Prince. No exceptionals. During my teenagers, i developed my own 'theory' as i see countless wrong pairings or shall i say...mismatched! Now that i'm getting older, i begin to see the other side of a person. I begin to see beauty is not just physical attractions. Beauty is skin deep...and that inner beauty outshine your physical appearance. That supports my theory of "mismatched", hence my 'theory' is still right.

That is all about beauty,....what abt talent? Talent is not only found in beauty faces, it is well hidden within every single soul. The best example that i can give is Susan Boyle. When she walks up the stage, nobody thought that she could sing. Once she started singing, they just dont want her to stop.. sooo blessed with the gift~. If you wanna watch this amazing lady, just click here. So, what talent do you have?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I was there!!!! I was there!!~!...

After almost 12 years...i'm back in GENTING OUTDOOR THEMEPARK~!~ Was there to spend the outdoor themepark ticket purchased in matta fair. If you remember, during my uni reunion at genting, i didnt get to go to the outdoor due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Yay! We are finally there in the Outdoor Themepark

Yes! I need lotsa lotsa this...i need to get recharged...energized!~ Yosh!`

On my way to my first ride~
My first ride - The Pirate Ship....haha.. i remember this game is the last we rode on during our secondary school trip, where almost everyone vomitted~....Ms.Wong lagi funny...initially she didnt vomit...but the keponess in her....go peep at Karen's ...ended up she also threw up in that cubicle...hahah...

Excited! I'm on a Ferris Wheel....just like those days.....weee~

Sien liao...this wheel just do not know how to stop....keep turning and turning...sigh~

Going into "space shot" without knowing what's the game like.

Ngek ngek! i'm on the "spinner"...sooo empty

The crowd is coming in...waaa..so hot....

Eh! Getting impatient....why must wait soooo long...??? Soooo HOT!!

wah!! Ah Ma so brave...she sat in front of me ...I thought this game is not suitable for old folks...Can she take it??? What must i do if i saw her fainted halfway???..

Spin...spin...spin....the wind is so strong...barely can open my eyes..

SAFE!! In one piece....both me and the ah ma.... haha....Note that the guy in black...is her son or her grandson.

On the way to Dinasour Land...yea.. i know it is stupid... i know dinasours are for kids...for weak hearted person like me.. i cant take extreme ride....so this is good..
On the boat into Dinasour cave....i wonder what they have inside?? Those dinasours with sound effects?

Eeeeee...why so dark??? It must be scary inside...

After the stupid short movie abt Dinasour on a boat....we have to walk for miles....to get out of the stupid dinasourland...ishhhh....so so so....tired....must rest!

Yes, this is still in the stupid Dinasourland...
Still Dinasourland....HOT!! Hot!!... i mean the weather....

Next game....Merry-Go-Round...Seng refused to go with me...he said it is a Man's Pride NOT to ride on it...hahaha...fine...you be the photographer,then. hahah

Merry-Go-Round also very sien...i keep changing horses to ride on..haha..

Go-Kart...wooo hoooo~....waited 4 rounds before our turn to be on the track..not that bad. Heard that Jeff, wuen yew and gang waited whole day for their game.

Aiya...overtake me??!~...ishh ishh...!~
Overtake lar...then i have more time to camwhore~ ahahaha....reckless driver...

Beryl's having chocolate fair there....Who would say NO to CHOCOLATE??

My last ride before we headed home....the Boat...paddle paddle paddle..

If u think this pose is somewhat similiar?..Or that im saluting to the pirates??? Shall NOT...!! I'm only trying to shed the sunny ray..so that i can open my eyes

i want to reach the top!!!but too short...tooo hot!!!..

I love this phone booth....

Trying out to see if the phone is real...i remember we used to 'cheat' by pressing certain buttons on the phone...and make free calls...issit the # or the * ???

Seng is still trying to get the best angle of the bus...while i rest inside...away from the hot sun...phew~

Yit Seng's best angle of me and the bus...after soooo long...

More photos available at http://s166.photobucket.com/albums/u107/joielim Genting%20trip%2031%20march%2009/