Sunday, May 24, 2009

CBMgals Reunite~

Tonight is just another fabulous night to have a gathering with my girls. Ouch~ So sweet!~ I just don't understand why must we have such a gathering on when someone is down in KL. We should make it a monthly event. This time, it is , Gloria and her better half (Nam) ; Joyce and her better half (Ryan) are back in Malaysia. That famous dentist in Vietnam..i have heard alot about him from Glo, now i finally have the chance to meet him. It is fun catching up, speaking of 'those' days, speaking of the days to come, seeing almost everyone is with someone now,etc. I have always dream of having a gathering when everyone brings their partner along during school time. It is a subtle feeling... seeing everyone is blessed with the love of the life....and that they are doing well. Of course, life is not a bed of roses...there WILL be some who are not doing well in relationship....someone who is confused...bla bla bla. Friends are always there whenever you feel out of place. Some people just don't realize until they failed in a relationship (you know who u are ). People, i have always cherished each and everyone i know...haha...It is good to know that Joyce will be getting married October next year. She showed us her engagement 'hang fok'.

"If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older" - Sounds familiar? that is the quote i wrote in my school magazine. Now, it is like...WHY NOT? Everyone has their childhood, if it is something happy and good, why not carrying it? People improved from their past experience. So why not remembering it, improved it, implement it in life and be wiser, right? That is the whole reason why we MUST study our history in school (and how much i hated "history"). Eve lynn and Grace, you guys should be there~..