Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short trip

Praise Lord!! That old man changed 360 degree towards me during the trip. It could be because there was another expert in the car, Prof John Randles, who tagged along to give his opinions on the situation.

My internet is down for almost a month now. I wonder when are they fixing it....

Went to Port Dickson with Yitseng and Elmo last Friday. This is my first trip there...the whole beach is filled with people.

Opps..on the phone with pumpky..but dont want to miss the sunset..BUT...where is the sunset?? bad photographer..

Enjoying the sunset or looking at ppl drowning...??? keke

Elmo, look at the sun....look!!...Stop staring at me...this way.....this way....ErGh!~

okay..very very fat here...hiding an ice cream behind...hahha

Me and my dog...on the beach....with the sunset.....soooo romantic~

Elmo loves Mummy~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My sampling trip will be another nasty outing with my co-supervisor. Pls pray for journey mercy and that old man will keep his mouth shut throughout the whole journey. Wish that tmr will never come...or tmr will be over in just a blink of an eye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Zoo Negara

For the sake of 2nd December 2008, i made my biggest lie. Told him that i'm going back for Salwa's wedding and i'm gonna take the whole week off. Therefore last weekend, i couldn't go anywhere...afraid to bump into him or his, i decided to go to ....THE ZOO~ (the result of watching Madagascar, i guess)..

We in the tram. Lazy to walk.Took a tram to have an overall view of the zoo.
The miang looking deer

Interspecies raping. In the end the cheetah shoo the black...not sure if it is a panther,jaguar or a puma??

This is not an elephant show. The one at the back is trying to wipe the sand off the other's back. Guess the elephant in front thought it is playing bagi dia satu tendang


Bangau bangau berselerak~ shoo shoo

Gaduh!~ They have nothing better to do in zoo~

Daydreaming while munching on food. keng!~

Pathetic little monkey~
Yoooo moto moto, stop licking GLORIA's butt~..yikes~

My pumpky's AMBANK...and its mascot


Even dinner at public places is not encouraged. Therefore we decided to go TGIF in PJ old town. (erm..not sure if that is old town or not..hehe). The staffs there are very friendly...

Me waiting for my food~ huughweee~
My starter~
~Main ~

My chocolate chocolate...still so so. I still prefer their dessert (picture below)

Their starter - Shrimp Martini. Yummilicious~ Must Try~

Peow Yong's main. The vege is awful~ Blend well with the chicken though. Overall, this dish is a little too dry and bland.
Seng's Main. Burger~ Looks like one and tasted like one ...nothing special.

Some whitefish. Tasted like steamed fish with ikan bakar sauce. So -so

Their dessert...some cookies + ice cream~...nice!

Happy Meal~
Very full~...*burppp*