Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last week... i was in the mood to cook again. Have sudden craving for "tau ew bak" and sambal prawn. Slurpp!~

This is the yummiest "tau ew bak" i have ever tasted. So much like my mama's cooking. I purposely cook it the night before, so that the taste can be infused... i am not sure which way...from the pork to the gravy or from the gravy into the pork....either way... This is soooo delicious!!

OKay...i bought the curry paste. Just add in cucumber and prawns...


The next day, i'm still in the mood for cooking......lazy to do too many preparations....just simply dinner for two.

Fried egg....If you noticed the black particles...this is the results of not washing or rinse the wok before frying egg. tooo lazy....btw, i'm really bad at frying eggs...so this is done by Seng...

"Kiam chai"....Have sudden craving for this. Don't worry...i'm not pregnant!!! suffice it to say, it’s sour+ salty+ sweet+ spicy and tastes extraordinarily satisfying…Best to be eaten with porridge....but i don't like porridge. Porridge is only for the sick. I'm healthy...so i eat this with fragrant rice.


I saw this recipe in someone's blog...so, this is the replica. I made two flavours- white coffee and nutella chocolate.

pancake flour
1 egg
sugar (more of this)
flavour of your choice

Steam it until cooked

Wanna know how it tasted?? Exactly like the white kuih, normally used as offerings to the God or for cheng beng. So hard...how to make it softer?? more milk?? more eggs???