Thursday, October 29, 2015

Facts of Actual Couples

1. Steal his towel while he is in shower
Steal his towel and wrap him in a hot towel, kiss him on his cheek while his eyes are still shut and walk away 

2. Stop saying sorry and starting saying "thank you"
It let's the other person know you understand your shortcomings and it give them an opportunity to tell you they love you

3. Make time or one another, even if it means sacrificing sleep
Get up a little earlier to make him breakfast. Stay up a little later when he has work to be done. Blessed is the moment that you both go to bed together.

4. Take random pictures of her/him when she/he is not looking
Constantly tell each other how lucky it feels to have him/her. Just a picture that i never forget to do and hope he/she knows i never take for granted the great things i have

5. Dance
He is tall. We both can't dance. But i love swaying to music i love. Wish he would pick me up to stand on his feet and dance to our song. 

6. Keep lists of the things he mentions he likes or wants, small or large. 
Get him things he likes from time to time. It doesn't have to be expensive gift but be it the smallest craving to the expensive birthday gift.

7. Get his toothbrush ready to go for him every morning
All i do is put the toothpaste on it add a little water and set it on a little thing to keep it off the's a small gesture to let him know im thinking of him when i wake up and when i go to bed and all day in between. 

8. Set aside 'igloo time'
Cuddle under a blanket for 5 minutes everyday. Discuss our high and low for that  day. 

9. Give little presents
They really dont have to be expensive. just as simple as blemish cream during a pimple outbreak. Instead of asking him/her to get something, just get it for him/her

10. Put love letters in a box 
Write down all the happy moments in papers and keep them in a box. those are the memories of your relationship. whenever you are down, take time to read those happy notes in the box

11. Be a jerk 
Pretend that you cannot be there for him/her when he is expecting you to be there.  Then give him/her a surprise visit. everybody love surprises!

12. Leave notes for one another
When we have different work schedule, always leave notes to greet and encourage each other 

13. Randomly take his parents to lunch
This is an even bigger gift especially as your parents get older. 

14. Share a show
Watch a show together, buy the other person a candy bar. I think it's great watching a show with your loved one because the topics that come up in the show can be fodder for conversation down the line

15. Cook together
Team work and couples seem to have a great time doing things together

16. When dinner is ready, the phone is off
I have a hard time not looking at phone or ipad, but whenever im with him, i put them aside. You will find the light up in his face and becomes alot more talkative when you give him the full attention

17. Give away the last bite
I always let him have the last bite of anything we are sharing

18. Have your own hobbies that you do without your significant other
He loves games, i love books. I always imagine lying on his lap while he is playing his game, while i hit on that book

19. Get high together on endorphines
Exercise together. For some reason, i refuse to exercise in front of my partner. Couple who exercises together  increases of intimacy and sharing the same goal. They make an effort to look good and stay healthy for each other